Sunday, May 17, 2015

Other Art 5: Dragon Bowl

Dragon Bowl
Created at 'All Fired Up' - a pot painting place
November 2013

I made this a while ago at a pottery event with my floor at my dorm. I wanted to make a bowl and (inspired by recently completing the Haku dragon crochet) I decided to put a bunch of dragons on it. I wanted it to be like the (wingless) dragons were flying in the sky (the white lines were supposed to be cloud lines...), and I wanted the inside of the bowl to be a cool jade green color and really swirly (although I went a bit over-swirly putting swirls on top of swirls on top of swirls).

This was a super fun project to make, and I definitely want to do more with ceramics and glassware in the future (hint hint nudge nudge).

Side note: My mom always uses this bowl now! (And by always I mean sometimes but more than I thought it would be used). It makes things extra special. :) It's an especially good strawberry bowl. :D

Way too many pictures:

Cute dragon:

Inside: [super swirls]
I think I probably should've just left it with just the big multi-swirls and not gone over it with all of the little swirls that just make it look messy and take away from the big mega-swirl.

 Another cute dragon.



That's all!

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