Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Digital Art 1: Sheepdog

Medium: Digital
Time: A couple hours
Date: January 2018

And.... after a long hiatus I'm back with a whole bunch of new (and some old) art! starting off with this cute and quick sheepdog! And even more exciting is that I now have the ability to make time lapses and videos of my art!:
[full story below the video]

Soooooo :) - wow where do I even begin? I've always wanted to be able to make digital art. For years I've wanted a drawing pad and I've tried to play around with digital drawing tools on my phone and kindle but I always thought I wasn't a good enough of an artist to fully utilize fancy digital drawing software/hardware... until more recently when I stopped caring so much and just wanted to have fun drawing what I love and just going for it! A couple years ago now I got my Surface Pro which has allowed me to draw right on my computer and it's literally the best thing ever! I love it! 

Over the last couple years I slowly became acquainted with the different drawing software and now screen recording/video making software. I'll shortly be posting some of the other digital drawings I have made over the last couple years that slipped through the cracks.

Now I'm absolutely in love with making art both digitally and with real materials and I have plenty of projects planned so hopefully I'll be posting often ;)

Anyways about that sheepdog!

I'm not sure where exactly the idea for this picture came from but the best way that I can explain it is: you know how everyone has a bit of a fantasy 'escape'? Like when people joke that they'll just leave everything behind and live on a tropical island somewhere or in a shack on a mountain? Me: I've always wanted to be a shepherd in Wales.

So in a sense this is my dreamscape: castle, hills, dragons (cause they're real in Wales), sheep, and to top it all off a cute fluffy sheepdog. :) and really this picture is as simple as that :)

I talk more in the video about how I wanted to challenge myself with this picture because I still view myself as being really bad at drawing line-art cartoony pictures and I don't really have a developed artistic style. But I was really proud of how this picture came out! especially since I drew it super quickly because it was my first time using the screen recording software and it was making me a tad nervous so I was rushing like mad.

I wanted to try to draw something soft and cute and it was the dead of winter when I did this so it became a pastel(ish) snow scene. I absolutely love how it turned out! (except it makes me a bit nervous because I'm still not confident that I'll be able to keep creating and growing as an artist but at the same time every drawing I do I keep surprising myself and I'm starting to think that as long as I'm drawing something I like and just having fun then maybe my pictures will keep turning out okay :) )

Well that's it for now! I had a ton of fun making this picture and the time lapse and I can't wait to do more!