Saturday, August 10, 2013

Painting 6: 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary
19 in. x 15 in.
June 2013

I painted this picture for my parents for their 25th anniversary. In it I meant to clearly display both of their rings, and their hands are holding a blue glass ball that they found on a beach in Hawaii on their honeymoon. This piece was a lot of fun. I approached it the same way I approached the Ugli Fruit painting only the subject matter of this piece (the two hands) was much more complex (than the ugli fruit). I really learned to love acrylics while doing this piece. The background was originally supposed to be the sand on a beach but due to acrylic inspiration and lack of time I went for a more simple and dramatic background. First I painted the background gray darkening to black around the edges and colored with either green or red for extra dramatic effect. Before I had begun painting I had primed the illustration board with matte medium, but instead of neat little strokes I had put the matte medium on in heavy swirls to give the piece a unique texture. Later I dry-brushed some of my darker paints over the texture which gave the background a really cool effect (that can't really be seen in the digital picture...). This was also my fastest painting ever; I whipped this little piece out in about a week!

Piece in Progress: 
(Not a very organized beginning approach, but was a lot of fun; - the idea for the green and red tinted background began when I was priming the board with matte medium and a little bit matte medium spilled into my phthalocyanine green in my palette. I happened to run out of matte medium and had to resort to salvaging the matte medium that spilled into the phthalocyanine green hence the rough green strokes in the background.)

(and I love mixing phthalocyanine green together with red to create a deep purplish color, thus the idea for the dark slightly red and green tinted background)


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