Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old Pictures 3-5: Colored Pencil

Concerning Colored Pencil: To this day there are only three materials I like to use, and of those two are paints. The third is colored pencil. Though it was once my most hated art type, now it is my favorite, and my progression through colored pencil can mostly (besides for the horrid practice pieces I can not bear to ever look at again) be seen in the following three pictures, my first three Prismacolor colored pencil pieces:

Old Picture 3: Christmas Ornaments

This picture does not do this piece justice; it is even worse than it appears here - much much worse. I did not know what I was doing; I did not understand the concept of layering colored pencils; I did the entire piece with no more than 15 different colors (a 12 pack plus Tuscan Red, Indigo Blue, and Cream). I am just proud that I was able to draw all of those ornaments (drawing is my weakpoint, I speciallize in shading and coloring) and finish the piece.

Old Picture 4:
Colored Pencil with Watercolor Background

I did this piece after I bought my 36 pack of Prismacolor colored pencils, and I finally started understanding how to use colored pencils.

Old Picture 5:
Colored Pencil
Summer 2010

Suddenly everything made sense...

Though this is not a perfect piece and I rushed the right side and the background, after doing this piece I felt invincible in the world of colored pencil... and since then I have understood that I can still be much much better.

This concludes my highlights from my history of Drawing I and II.

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