Saturday, February 9, 2013

Painting 2: Waiting for a Tow Truck

Waiting for a Tow Truck
~Watercolor, 18x24 in.
Fall 2012
Honorable Mention - Scholastic Competition
My second complete painting ever! This picture to me has a great story to it. The guy in the picture is my brother. Four years ago he and I went to a Civil War reenactment. That day I took around 200 pictures by literally following him around and constantly taking pictures. Out of all of the pictures, there is only one of me from when he stole the camera while we were eating and snapped a fantastic picture of me taking a bite out of a burger. Though it was probably really annoying while I was doing it, now it's really cool because we both remember everything that we did and saw because I have pictures of everything we did and saw. Anyways, even after we left the civil war reenactment, I continued taking pictures of my brother driving.
Progression of pictures: Brother driving --- brother making goofy face while driving (looking at the road, not me) --- brother with his sunglasses upside down while driving --- Brother with upside down glasses and mouth open in utterance of a choice word of profanity --- Brother on side of road with broken down car.
After almost an hour of driving, my brother's car broken down literally minutes away from our house, and of course this picture is based off of the pictures I took of him waiting for the tow truck (and our parents).
Preliminary Painting:

Final Painting: In Progress

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