Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old Pictures 1-2: Charcoal

Old Picture 1: Koi
Pen, Pencil, Charcoal
10/13/2009 from Drawing
Honorable Mention at Scholastic Competition (I think; it was either this one or Old Pic 2 below)
Award of Excellence at Joliet Junior College Art Competition (2009)

This piece was my first experience with charcoal and pen. I did all of the stippling in one night... I will never do that again. Unfortunately I do not have a good picture of the finished product; the best I have is the one directly above which blatantly compares my piece with the reference photo. When I did this piece, I did not really get it. All I saw was a fish. But now I really like it. He is not just a fish; he is MY fish!

Old Picture 2: Portrait
Drawing II

(After doing this piece, I do not think I will ever use charcoal again... or for at least a long time)

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