Saturday, February 9, 2013

Painting 3: At Dinner in Galena (First Acrylic Painting!)

At Dinner in Galena
~Acrylic, 15x20
January 2013
This painting was based off of pictures I took of my mom while we were eating dinner in Galena, Illinois. Unfortunately while working on this picture I was recovering from ACL reconstructive and meniscal repair surgery, so this picture is not quite as it was meant to be. The assignment was to paint a grisaille of a portrait in sepia tones. Unfortunately, because of my surgery, by the time I started painting my burnt umber dried out (thank goodness the rest of my palette was well enough preserved, especially my titanium white). (Please forgive my ignorance of the exact colors I refer to in the following sentences, but I am still unfamiliar with my acrylic palette) At first I used burnt sienna and blue to create a darker brown, but soon I exhausted my remaining burnt sienna. Therefore most of this picture was painted by mixing green and red with a little bit of yellow. I had planned to paint a slightly blurred brick and wood panel background, but I ran out of time. Despite my many difficulties with acrylic paints and other circumstances, I am very proud of this piece, but someday I would like to go back and tighten up some of the details. I am even considering glazing over this in color.
What I learned from this piece: Acrylics are hard; I still have a lot left to learn...
Final Piece in Progress:

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