Sunday, June 21, 2020

Digital Art 3.9: Rakhunbam!

Medium: Digital
Time: Couple days each
Date: May-June 2020

Starting out with my most recent digital art~ I did a trio of drawings of Rak Khun and Bam from Tower of God.

Anyways - funny story I started with Khun (the middle one) and it was never really meant to be a final drawing. I was just playing around with some of the pose reference models on my drawing program (Clip Studio Paint) and my little practice ended up starting to look really cool so it became a Khun because he's great. This one only took me like a couple hours. Oh and then I was looking at some of the resources I downloaded and one of them was the watercolor texture used in the background which I really liked. However, I really liked it for the Khun drawing because the drawing itself wasn't that great, but I wasn't able to replicate the same style as well for Bam and Rak so those too kinda looked better without the watercolor effect. Anyways:

Let's see what do I have for my Khun drawing......

Flat color Khun!

Shaded Khun 
(starting to realize this is gonna be a really long post 😂)
Oh with light houses! (the geometric things in the background) except since this was a practice it wasn't really planned out well. There is really no meaning in Khun's positioning except I thought it looked cool and dramatic at the time. Well maybe he's like reaching out for Bam who he views as his light... kinda idk. Anyways but because of the positioning there really wasn't a good way to incorporate the lighthouses and have them make sense with the shading. So I just sorta put them vaguely up and hoped it didn't clash too too bad. I honestly almost redid the Khun drawing but I still kinda like it as like it's own thing. It was never meant to be a good drawing... but it's Khun so he's amazing anyways.

With watercolor effect. I still think it looks really cool on it's own. It just looks a little.... interesting next to the other two 😂

Alright! So after Khun I did Bam.... and Bam... I spent way to much time on. I was taking my time, making seperately colored shapes for each part of him. Even each finger was on it's own layer.... it was a bit excessive. 

Full Speedpaint Video!:

Oh! for him I actually exported pretty distinctive progress steps because I had a very clear idea of how I wanted to draw him even if it ended up being kind of ridiculous. 

Block colors! 
(At this point I'm just hoping the the best with his hair... it looks like it might potentially not be awful)

Blocked in Shading!

Transparent shading!
Because that's how I tend to do that thing... Again - hair doesn't look awful yet but still makes me nervous... Fluffy hair is goals.

Final Shaded Version!
Omg by some miracle I actually made fluffy hair and I was so proud. The hand was the worst - I wanted it to look realistic but not too realistic - whatever the best blend is... but it was awful - eventually I just gave up. Thank goodness I only needed to draw one hand 😂. And at one point I realized he was much much too pale so he got a spray tan 😂. But the overall picture is missing the extreme highlight and extreme shadowing of the Khun picture. But still really happy with this one... mainly the hair.

Bam with watercolor effect - to match with the other pictures in this series

And Bam with goofy background!
Loosely based off of the ideas from Tower of God of looking at/chasing after light/stars and the idea of waves/wavecontroller/water. 🤷

Oh! and one funny story about the background - by complete accident I made this beautiful galaxy drawing:
Which is the same as the galaxy in the sky just a bit distorted and faded and with some stars overlayed on it. Anyways I liked it so much I added it to my redbubble and had a lot of fun playing around with different galaxy designed things 😂

Alright and then lastly we have Rak! Rak was actually the easiest to draw. Instead of painstakingly drawing out the blocks of color and then nonsensically blurring the edges because they were too harsh as I did with Bam I just blocked in the colors with a soft brush and did a more painty style. After taking so long on Bam my goal for Rak was just to do something quick and easy. I really enjoyed this one and tried not to get stuck up on minor issues too much.

Full Speedpaint Video:

Oh! I also really liked using the song 'Hunting High and Low' by Stratovarius for the background music. I thought it fit so perfect since Rak is always out to hunt strong things.

Ummmm do I have any Rak progress shots....

Answer: No not really - anyways!
Majestic Rak!

And majestic Rak with watercolor background.... which gets rid of all of the details 😂

Okay I think I rambled enough for now... anyways - 3 drawings... the intention was to make them cohesive... kinda failed a bit on that end but still pretty happy with how everything turned out! I actually ordered some prints of these to hang up somewhere I liked them so much so there's that 😂

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sidenote 2: - Back to blogging

Recent Digital Art!!!:

Though I haven't been updating this blog much in the last couple years that didn't mean I stopped drawing and crafting! Within that time I've grown a lot as a digital artist (though I still have a very very long way to go) and also my friends and I started cosplaying! So I plan on updating this blog with some stories and pictures and even patterns of past and current projects from now on!

The grid above is literally the most recent digital art files I had in my repository XD - I became a big fan of the Tower of God webtoon last winter and have been following the anime hence all of the fanart.

Some patterns to look forward to: Chibi Rak Plush & All Might onesie

Other projects that I've been working on:

I have an instagram! Joined instagram about a year ago after I started going to cons every once in a while. It's been a lot of fun so far but I do miss rambling about all of my little mishaps like I do on here. Can't wait to reminisce on some of the stories behind the art and things I've made within the past year or two.

I have a youtube channel! kind of - nowadays I mainly just post speedpaints of my digitial art but I plan on making some tutorial videos and maybe some other interesting things in the future.

I also have a redbubble store for funsies. I figured I have a bunch of old digital art lying around and I wanted to design some fun merch with it. I don't really expect to sell anything but it's been a lot of fun so far.... all the like two days that I've had it 😂

I also am a grad student! I'm currently working on a couple passion projects related to digital art on the side of my research. Will elaborate further at a later date 😉 - for clarification though I'm in electrical engineering so when I mean research I mean like coding projects not fancy art projects 😂

Anyways I'll stop rambling for now~ Oh boy now I just need to decide where to begin~