Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sidenote 2: - Back to blogging

Recent Digital Art!!!:

Though I haven't been updating this blog much in the last couple years that didn't mean I stopped drawing and crafting! Within that time I've grown a lot as a digital artist (though I still have a very very long way to go) and also my friends and I started cosplaying! So I plan on updating this blog with some stories and pictures and even patterns of past and current projects from now on!

The grid above is literally the most recent digital art files I had in my repository XD - I became a big fan of the Tower of God webtoon last winter and have been following the anime hence all of the fanart.

Some patterns to look forward to: Chibi Rak Plush & All Might onesie

Other projects that I've been working on:

I have an instagram! Joined instagram about a year ago after I started going to cons every once in a while. It's been a lot of fun so far but I do miss rambling about all of my little mishaps like I do on here. Can't wait to reminisce on some of the stories behind the art and things I've made within the past year or two.

I have a youtube channel! kind of - nowadays I mainly just post speedpaints of my digitial art but I plan on making some tutorial videos and maybe some other interesting things in the future.

I also have a redbubble store for funsies. I figured I have a bunch of old digital art lying around and I wanted to design some fun merch with it. I don't really expect to sell anything but it's been a lot of fun so far.... all the like two days that I've had it 😂

I also am a grad student! I'm currently working on a couple passion projects related to digital art on the side of my research. Will elaborate further at a later date 😉 - for clarification though I'm in electrical engineering so when I mean research I mean like coding projects not fancy art projects 😂

Anyways I'll stop rambling for now~ Oh boy now I just need to decide where to begin~

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