Sunday, March 4, 2018

Digital Art 2: Sheep Castle

Sheep Castle
Medium: Digital
Time: A Month
Date: January 2018

So here's the second digital art picture I did right after the previous sheepdog one! [Which as you may notice they have pretty similar subject matter XD ]

Full timelapse video below and more details underneath!:

So - wow - this work really was something. Summary: I wanted to force myself to draw pretty much all of things I was afraid of drawing digitally: grass, rocks, rocks, more grass, and more rocks.

This drawing took literally forever but I was determined to finish it. Once I finished the castle I started getting super excited because it was finally looking decent but before that it was a bit of a drag to force myself to keep working on it. But hey - I did it! I finished it and I love it. I mean I wish it had a little bit more of a magical/stylistic element to it but overall I'm super proud of it... but I also don't plan on doing another digital picture like this any time soon - they're exhausting.

In general I relied on the techniques I knew from painting and tried to translate them to digital mainly because I have actually painted grass before and it came out okay; and rocks and they came out okay... but I feel like digital really leaves you with no wiggle room! Real materials naturally already have a bit of organic detail to them and I never realized how much I used that as a crutch. Digital painting is HARD. And I didn't even end up doing anything realistic.

So basically I still have a long way to go but I'm really proud of both the final product and the fact that I stuck with it and finished.

I was particularly happy with how the castle and the clouds turned out. The grass I didn't like very much but at the same time I didn't really mind it. The sheep and sheepdog were cute but I probably could've made them a little more realistic but that's okay. And that cliff in the front... let's just not even mention that.... as well as the wall - though I'm relatively happy with how it ended up turning out I think I discovered how not to digitally paint a wall rather than how to.

Anyways the video is kinda long so I rambled enough in that already ;)

My next post will likely be about the crazy thing I baked today so look forward to that ;)


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